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Date & time Dec 20 '18
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Do you know? The water is now polluted and there is not much water to drink. China is actually a country that lacks water.s take a look at this scene: An old farmer used a thick rope to slide a seven- or eight-year-old child into a deep well, only one or two barrels of clean drinking water. If you don't want the last drop of water on your planet to be your own tears, then save water. Come and listen to my opinion: 1. Wash your face, wash your hands, don't open the faucet too much, you should drive to medium and small water, and turn off the faucet in time. 2. Brush your teeth, uninterrupted water release for 30 seconds, and use water for six liters. Use a cup to pick up water, three cups of water, and use water for six liters of water. Three people twice a day, saving a total of 486 litres of water a month. 3. Do not open the faucet too much for cooking, so washing for a long time is a waste of water. The flow of the faucet should be controlled to change the uninterrupted flush to intermittent flushing. 4. Use the wash water to wash the toilet. 5. When washing utensils, it should be washed with water and then washed to save water. 6. Bathing should not be washed out for a long time, it will waste a lot of water. When using the pot, don't put too much water, because when the fruit is washed more, who will come out, it is very wasteful Newport Cartons For Sale. When using the bathtub, don't open the water plug while releasing the water, which will waste a lot of water. Everyone should intermittently release the shower. When washing, the water should be shut off in time. Avoid washing it for a long time. After washing with the bathtub, the water can be washed, washed, flushed, mopped, etc. 7. Wash the car, do not rinse with a water pipe, although it takes only 20 minutes, it will use about 240 liters of water. Washing the car with water in a bucket, as long as three barrels of water, only about 30 liters of water, saving about 210 liters of water. After listening to my advice, you know how to save water! If you save a drop of water per person, you will save 1.3 billion drops of water. If you waste a drop of water, you will waste 1.3 billion drops of water. Save less and save more, save one drop a day, save ten drops in ten days, and save one hundred drops in one hundred days. Then water will not be short of water.ll amount of accumulation, a collection of water, a drop of water can also make your life last. Test, test, test, the teacher's magic, points, points, points, the student's life roots. The so-called "people floating in the rivers and lakes, how can we not slash the knife." You said, if you do not have one or two tricks, how to stand in the "river and lake"? In order to save the roots of life, all the "Kaolin masters" are concentrating on cultivation, only to wait for "the rivers and lakes hegemony" - the test shows their talents.Say Cao Cao, Cao Cao will arrive." Mr Yao suddenly announced: afternoon exam! what? Although, I am not a martial arts lord, I can sit back and watch. The teacher just walked 0. 001 seconds, I called all the "masters" to discuss the plan and concentrate on cultivation Cartons Of Newport Cigarettes. I heard that there is a high-profile move in the class. I don��t know if I can borrow it. I will use the "Lord" and the "Allies" to order and send the masters to borrow Discount Cigarette Cartons. "The lord of the squad, I heard it." Hey, isn't this the "heroic" of the thundering tiger? "How do you say this?" "The lord of the squad, the high-ranking classmates inquired. The knock on the table is what you get." Contact, coughing twice is an enemy situation. If you lick your foot Marlboro Wholesale Price, you want to know the answer to the first question. If you touch the nose, you will choose A. If you look at your eyes, you will choose B. If you pinch your ear, you will choose C. I chose D. With such a high-handed move, I wouldn��t be afraid of Mr Yao��s high-handedness.�� ��Reward.�� ��Xie Mengzhu.�� ��The order is passed, and the heroes of Ye Daxia are passed on to a big martial art.�� Not good." "Is this true?" "True, the lord, you think, Mr Yao is not an ordinary person!" "Weekly woman said exactly, but now, I can change it." after the roll was issued, the table was knocked in the classroom, and the slaps were heard. Look, this pinches the nose, the pinch of the ear, this blinking, the hand holding the chin. Mr Yao can guess Puer and other thoughts. "A few ancient people, but also look at the present." I am also relieved.pectedly, Mr Yao picked up the "story wood" - the blackboard wiped the table, "I am inferior, I have used it!" Er was so surprised that I couldn��t think that Mr Yao was not only a three-legged cat, so he would die in the future Order Newport Cigarettes. deal.r class, the martial arts lord said: "Weekly woman, I know you, I will listen to you." I said: "I know why, now, the main reason is to listen to me early, and now will not fall into Mr. Yao��s hand.�� ��Also, from now on, Zhou Xiaxia is my military division, and I share the world with me, Zhou Xiaxia, how do you say.�� ��Since the lord has opened up, I will promise it!��

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