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Date & time Dec 20 '18
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From the third grade, I liked a magazine, "Happy Fairy Tales." Because the story inside is so wonderful, I have to look at it several times for each issue Buy Newport Online, which is simply a love.s magazine often publishes some very philosophical fairy tales Cheap Cigarettes Wholesale. Each story is very exciting. Every time I read a story, I understand some truths. In the most recent issue, there is a story called "Electricity" "Good Luck". Why do you want to add quotation marks for good luck in the title? I think this must have other meanings. I then read it carefully. The story tells the story of the famous "Unlucky King" power of Fairy Mountain, which has recently been lucky. He first met a young man who sold a welfare lottery. The youth and he said that as long as he bought his lottery ticket to guarantee a bonus of one million, the power would not hesitate to use the only three-month meal in his pocket. Money bought this lottery ticket. As a result, the power right saw the lottery ticket he bought in the computer. He really got a million bonus, and the power was happy to run wildly in the editorial room. After the power went to the Welfare Lottery Center to complete the awarding process, he suddenly heard on the radio that "Electric comrades selected the latest 'four no greed' model of the city, and heard the news to the city center to receive certificates and bonuses!" As soon as I heard it, I was almost fainted. The power went all the way to the podium on the downtown square. The secretary of the municipal party committee gave the certificate and 10,000 yuan to him with suspicion. After the power got the money, it quickly squandered. At this time, two policemen found the power to tell him that he was suspected of making a fake lottery ticket to defraud the bonus, and impersonated the model to defraud the bonus of 10,000 yuan. He is now arrested. As soon as the power was heard Newport Cartons For Sale, he only felt that he was turning around and fainted on the spot. It turned out that the young people he had sold in the lottery were specially made for fake lottery: and after the winning of the power, the power was extremely excited to regard "electricity" as "electricity." Now, the real winners and model all went to the police station to report the case. Once the police verified it, they discovered that the power was unintentionally illegal. Through this story, I understand the meaning of good luck and quotation marks: people don't want to be cheap and cheap, don't have unrealistic imagination, only by working hard and earning a happy and happy life, it is called a hard work. It��s a bit of a mistake. How is it, this story is very interesting, I hope that everyone will not be as greedy and cheap as the power, the pie that falls in the sky can not eat!Happy Fairy Tales" attracts me with its excitement, hopefully can also attract you, you say good! The vastness of the sky is my love, the flowers at the foot of the green hills are opening, what kind of rhythm is the most swaying, what kind of singing is the most open, the curved river comes from heaven... with the legend of the Phoenix The most dazzling celebrity style, the summer commendation meeting of our Hongguang Village the summer commendation meeting of our Hongguang Village. The host, Huang Feifei, took the stage and said, ��The 2012 Red Light Village Summer Commendation Conference officially started.�� The students from the audience cheered and the host said, ��Please invite everyone first. Appreciate the dance performed by the children of Grade 1~3 of Fengyi Elementary School.�� Immediately Cigarette Cartons Wholesale, the music of the most dazzling ethnic style was heard. We all watched it with great concentration. Some students even made their own actions, as if standing on the stage. It��s my own, the beautiful dance is finished. I don��t have any interest in dance. But today I saw it very energetic. I should listen to the music. The two big sisters of the 8th grade of Yangliu Junior High School played with the pipa. A "small ambush", the familiar way of the big sister made the classmates very admire. In the end, the four students sang a grateful heart, their beautiful melodies, good songs made our limbs After softly watching the dance and listening to the music, we started the award ceremony. First, the top 10 students in the 1st to 9th grades gave them a gift of one person and one bag. Then, the students who passed the key high school and the university awarded a scholarship of 500 yuan. I looked at them with envious eyes. In my heart Newport Carton Cigarettes, I secretly vowed, "I must also go to a good high school and stand on the podium. I took a 500-yuan scholarship and smiled at the audience. I waved and listened to the clap of everyone. At that time, I was a good, smart and good boy. Grandma often said that as long as he was admitted to high school, the university would not Far away, beckoning is waiting for you." 45 minutes, a blink of an eye has passed, the host announced that "this year's commendation meeting will come to an end, we will look forward to next year's commendation meeting, I wish the students study hard, improve every day." commendation meeting is over, and I look forward to the next commendation meeting. A happy summer vacation is coming soon. Students should read more books and go out for sports.

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