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Date & time Dec 1 '18
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In the twinkling of an eye, our six-year campus life is coming to an end. During the six years we have enjoyed the joy of success and tried the taste of failure Buy Newport Cigarettes. I looked at the campus and the grass and trees. One brick and one tile made us worth remembering. I even saw it. A group of first-grade children lined up the road and walked out of the gate, like a bird. Waiting for the parents in the doorway. I used to be one of those children, but in the twinkling we have to graduatery bit of the campus is inseparable from us. Nobody! Now we have to leave this campus. Are we not sad? No, we are very sad. The teacher, who has been with us for six years, is now leaving her. On the day of the separation, the teacher took the diploma and her eyes were filled with tears. All of us were crying. We all know that the teacher is reluctant to leave us. After all, she has lived for six years, and we can't bear her. ll miss the teacher. They let me know the truth. I will miss the students who are in the tide. They let me know what is true. Friendship can't forget the strong friendship between us. In the past six years, we have had a wonderful time and how many ups and downs we have experienced. We used to struggle in the ocean of knowledge and play in the flat playground. However, in the past six years, we have to break up. I will miss the grass, trees, bricks and tiles of the campus, and I can't help but shed, dear teacher! Goodbye, dear classmates! Goodbye, nurture my six years of alma mater! What is the most valuable?" "Friendship, affection, dignity," everyone has a mind in everyone's mind that honesty is the most precious. Confucius once said that "people don't believe, they don't know what they are." Franklin also said, "You can immediately stand back and lose faith, you may never recover. You can earn your dignity. Integrity makes you stand firm, integrity makes you fearless, and integrity makes you wealth.y is the most valuable, and integrity is the most precious. This unchanging truth can be seen from a small a cold winter. In the afternoon, I came home from school. My mother asked me to go to a biscuit stand not far away to buy a cake of 2 yuan Cartons Of Cigarettes Wholesale. I took the 10 yuan that my mother gave me to buy the biscuits because I was afraid of cold and immediately ran home. I felt at home: bad, didn't find money, another thought: forget that the sky is too cold, and then the big snowman may have left early. Let's talk tomorrow. After about 30 minutes, the doorbell rang. When I opened the door, I saw the old grandfather who sold the biscuits. He inquired for a long time to find my home. The wetness of the body was to pay the 8 yuan. I was moved immediately and didn't know what to say. I thought, "There are still such good people now. This world can kill people, money, and people everywhere. The conscience of these people is not as good as an old man who is doing small business Carton Of Newport 100. Take a good look at them. The conscience of our childhood was originally to add brilliance to the motherland Cigarette Kinds. The behavior of these people has added stains to our motherland. Some inexhaustible stains, where are their integrity? They have been from ancestors for hundreds of years Wholesale Marlboro Cigarettes. Where did the "one promise" that passed down there go? Reflect on your own behavior. I myself fell into deep meditation. 

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