The middle school era is the spring


Date & time Nov 10 '18
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The middle school era is the spring of life. It is a very important period for young people to have long body, long knowledge and form a life outlook. Clarifying why learning and how to learn is a problem that every middle school student must recognize and learn. Knowledge is as vast as the ocean Marlboro Cigarettes, as vast as the ocean. No matter how high the talent is, how energetic it is Newport Cigarettes Website, how tenacious perseverance is, how superior the learning conditions are, it is impossible to learn all the knowledge. Some students always want to learn everything, and they want snow. They hope that there will be blossoming flowers next to a bunch of ripe grapes, but the old man who knows the sea tells us: This is impossible!edge often needs to be updated. As time goes by, knowledge may be forgotten, but the method of acquiring knowledge will not be lost. According to legend, there is a man who happened to meet a fairy, and Xian Weng gave him a gold medal, but he did not want gold, but he wanted to turn the stone into a gold finger. Why is this person pointing fingers? Because he knows that no matter how much gold is sent, gold is always limited, but if you have a finger of gold, you can do whatever you want. The ancients said: "Giving fish Cigarettes Online, only for the needs of a meal, teaching people to fish, then endless use of life" is also the truth. Comrade Mao Zedong said: "Learning is learning, learning is also learning, and it is more important to learn."earning method is the means, methods and ways used in learning. Learning is produced and applied in the learning process. Mastering a good method is very important, but it is not an easy task. It requires hard work and a spirit of perseverance. Only by persisting and persisting for a long time, learning can become a conscious act and thus master the initiative of learning. Therefore, the learning method is not a shortcut. It is only a practical and painstaking learning process and various specific measures in this learning process.i has a famous quote that is often quoted by the world: the question of the ancient and modern universities and colleges must pass through three realms. "Last night, the west wind carved Bishu Marlboro Lights, alone on the high-rise, looking at the end of the world, this first scene is also; the belt is gradually widened and does not regret, for the Iraqi people, this second scene is also; the crowd find him thousands of Baidu, cumin Looking back, the man is in a dim light, this third scene is also." The first scene is to have confidence, "single high-rise", not confidence; the second scene is to be determined, "not at all Repentance is really the greatest determination. The third scene is to have perseverance, "there are thousands of Baidu in the public", there is no perseverance, how to get it?ancients said: "Everything is forewarned Cigarette Online, and if it is not, it will be abolished." The two students with the same intelligence have no study plan, which directly affects the learning effect. Scientifically using time and planning to study in a limited time is an important principle of scientific learning methods. Therefore, the lack of planning in learning is one of the main reasons why it is difficult to improve the performance.

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