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Date & time Sep 27 '18
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In just two days, the exams were over, and the results that followed the expectations were also revealed. I missed each and every one with a two-point difference. What I left behind in this achievement is a deep thought. Summarizing the lessons, I feel that I am too sloppy, and there is not enough effort. It is painful to think, I feel that only by carrying forward the spirit of an old saying in China that says: Bao Jianfeng has been honed, and plum blossoms have come from bitter cold. I think this is also a famous saying in learning. Xing has a little bit of hard work in the constant learning, persistently facing the difficulties in learning Cigarettes Cheaper, and carrying forward the spirit of perseverance to overcome it, we can truly become a strong student in learning, and can face with r can also be a reflection of the spirit of perseverance. We are sailing on the ocean without margins. Only by virtue of this spirit can we reach the other side of knowledge. Learning is a chore. It is neither vivid nor interesting. It is neither a three-dimensional nor a living thing. We understand its importance and work tirelessly to win flowers and applause. Remember, there is no good thing to get from nothing.dhood, Li Bai became a generation of poetry because he saw an old woman waking up with iron rods and embroidering needles. There are ancient people who can learn from us. How do we young people in the new century do it? This is a topic left to us by the times Buy Marlboro Cigarettes Online. Friends, please firmly believe that "as long as the kung fu is deep, the iron rod is ground into an embroidery needle", let us brave the courage, perseverely lock in our learning goals, and bravely s give it up, the dead wood is not folded; the perseverance, the golden stone can be smashed." This is the sentence in the article "Encourage Learning" by the nephew of the Confucian representative of the pre-Qin Dynasty. It fully demonstrates that in learning Marlboro Cigarettes, only by persevering in learning can we reach the point where the stone is awkward Newport Cigarettes. Classmates, let us carry forward this spirit, sail in ding a good book is like talking to many noble people.�� Indeed, reading a good book can make people grow their knowledge, broaden their horizons, and make people's realm higher. But in the eyes of many students, reading like a rope and a shovel, tied the freedom and locked the joy. I do not think so. Reading is not necessarily a read-only textbook Newport Cigarettes Coupons, and the ocean of the book is vast. 

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