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Date & time Feb 7
Creator loyaty

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ARK survival island evolution 3D is a well-made survival game, players in strange islands, need to seek survival through themselves Buy ARK Items. There are all kinds of crises and treasures on the islands, collecting the resources around them, making the weapons and equipment for survival, and embarking on a perilous journey of adventure.

Hello survivor, you have to explore a huge island full of dinosaurs. You try to swim to an island in the distance, and there are rumors that the climate is warm, safe and full of resources and food. But a big storm overturned the boat, you woke up and found himself on a desert island, the hot sun and green plants gave you the hope of survival, you found a large box on the same beach Cheap ARK Items. You must find food, collect resources, and make weapons, equipment, and armor.

The Wall

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