A moment of confusion for the Cavaliers


Date & time Feb 3
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The Cavaliers have been struggling with these things this summer. But the opening of the free market left them mired in a difficult predicament. Trading Carmelo-Anthony's rumors began to ferment at the very beginning, but then Anthony joined the Cavaliers and Rockets only to the end of the city. Although melons have not left Apple city yet, the Cavaliers have not succeeded in the deal. Then two of the team's Carey-Owen, who was not willing to play under James's cover, asked the team's management for a deal. The move was a moment of confusion for the Cavaliers, a time when Owen had a bit of a shock to the whole league. The Cavaliers tight to Owen, who were forced to look for the best chips for their development.  NBA Live Mobile Coins from safe lolga.

As a result, a deal between the Cavaliers and their east's biggest rival, Celtic, sent Owen to the other side, which puzzled a lot of people. The Cavaliers give each other superstar, this is not directly to the opponent to add strength? But in addition to the Celtics, the rest of the team had a hard time meeting their expectations, so the Cavaliers had to endure the grievances.

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